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    I would like to sincerely thank all the grandparents and grandchildren from all 50 states who have joined hands in making the National Grandparents Quilt project a success. The quilt was put together and finished by the "Hands All Around" quilters of Littleton, CO in April, and is awaiting a confirmation from the White House for the presentation. The suggested date was May 22, but the White House did not respond with a confirmation date. We resubmitted a request for June, and we still haven't heard anything.
    The purpose for this quilt, entitled "Grand Hands and Hearts Across America," is to bring public awareness of the plight of grandparents and their grandchildren, pending the US Supreme Court's ruling on grandparent rights in June, 2000. Along with the quilt is a book detailing the need for support for grandparents.
    A congressman wrote to us suggesting that it's best waiting to present the quilt to the next president because this administration doesn't seem to care anyway. Hopefully, with the new president, grandparents can visit and make the presentation at the White House.

Take a look at the Quilt